Haunted Mansion Princess Sleepover Featuring Princess Tiana, Elsa, Ariel & Jasmine. DisneyToysFan


Disney Princesses Sleepover at a Haunted Mansion a Spooky Ghost Ruins Their Party

Scary things are happening at the princess sleepover party, as it turns out the princesses are staying inside of a haunted mansion. Merida, Jasmine, Aurora, Elsa, and Ariel run out of the house when the mystery ghost tells the princesses to leave Arendelle forever, or else they’ll all go missing one by one. The princesses don’t want to leave Arendelle, so they decide to call Ghostbusters. Princess Tiana arrives with her ghostbusters uniform and she’s ready to bust a ghost. After a good scare, the princess learn that there wasn’t a real ghost, it was Frozen Hans all along playing a scary prank on the princesses. It’s a fun, not so scary video for kids.

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