Haunted or Hoax – Grantham House – Ep 26

Natasha Negovanlis – Ellia
Sydney Kondruss – Jac
Isabel Kanaan – Casey

Ryan Sheridan – Director/Producer
Alex Bains – Producer
Natalie Forward – Writer/Executive Producer/Producer
Claudia Cojuangco – Executive Producer
Dru Herrington – Executive Producer
Andrew Gerhold – DOP
Josh Callahan – 1st AC
Clara Chan – 2nd AC
Eric Campbell – Gaffer
Sabrina Spilotro – Grip
Benjamin Barton – Location Sound
Colton David – Post Sound
Ann Oster – Key Make Up Artist
Brennan Fournier – Editor and Post Production Supervisor
James Resendes – 2nd Editor
Laura Menheere – Production Designer
Marisa Tipkanok – Makeup Assistant
Kerstin Bradler – Makeup Assistant
Murphy MacDonald-Rea – Wardrobe
Annelise Bushby – Script Editor
Steve J de Souza – Music Composer
Danielle Arsenault – Production Assistant
Agnes Teodoro – Production Assistant

Titles designed by KB Burnfield

Art by Valentine M Smith
©2015 Tru Dot Productions



  1. Oh my, well done Jac, that took some bravery. I didn’t think I’d make it
    through this episode alive! Honestly feels like my heart needs surgery
    right now. If Ellia dies after all that I am going to throw things.

  2. I feel weird about Ellia/Casey. Like, I like them but I only want Natasha
    kisses with her being Carmilla kissing Laura. Is that weird? :D

  3. jac just told you how she feels and you talk about your feelings for
    ellia?? that was rude man, poor jac and i dont even like her that much

  4. This is the lesbian version of “The vampire diaries” except that Ellia and
    Jac are not related, but it’s the same love triangle. And it’s missing

  5. Damn is, this is ****. I feel so sorry for Jac. I think she deserves it
    more tbh. Ellia is my favorite character but I think Jac & Casey have more

  6. Sooo, Casey now knows that both Jac and Ellia like her, Jac knows that
    Casey likes Ellia and Ellia likes Casey, and Ellia knows….nothing?