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The monsters at Haunted House are very disappointed. During their festival Halloween, they see kids dressed up and trick or treating the whole night long. But, they see these children smiling and laughing instead of being scared, and are worried that kids do not know what Halloween really is. So Haunted House has sent Frankenstein to your kindergarten school on Halloween night to explain to you toddlers what Halloween is. It is all about ghosts who love to walk, zombies who can never die, vampires and witches who love to fly and of course, about monsters that only eat and eat. Now does Halloween sound like a festival to only laugh and make merry? To give you preschoolers the perfect idea of Halloween, Frankenstein and Haunted House have created a scary compilation of Halloween nursery rhymes for kids, that is guaranteed to scare you all!

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™