Hermitcraft 4 – Ep. 97: Starting The Haunted House


Welcome to Hermitcraft 4, home of great times, great people, and great fun. This is going to be awesome!

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Intro Music by Clay Riness:
“May Is Coming” from “First Person Wisconsin.”
Copyright 2003. Used with permission.

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  1. You should probably end this series you did almost all of the things.. it
    will clean your schedule for a new series! play space astronomy with mee

  2. The builds is kinda *”Heh…”* so far, it doesn’t really feel like an
    haunted house but more like a little hut of jungle wood…

    For me, a hunted house needs to be taller, with narrow and high windows,
    with some towers and spiky roofs all highlined by darker colours

    But this is just the start, it’ll get better I think

  3. Hey wels there is a type of stained clay i cant remember what kind it is
    but it mixes very well with jungle wood you should mix in that type of
    stained clay to make the walls more interesting and to make it feel more
    run down

  4. So far so good! Some tall grass growing through one of the holes in the
    floor or a cracked stone fireplace might work. Spooky music in the
    background too:)

  5. You do realize this is almost a solo thing like maybe 1 or 2 others still
    play I like you hermitpack videos better so can, instead of this do
    hermitpack. I understand that you might want to continue in till 100th

  6. I’m kinda with you on the jungle wood. It doesn’t feel like it fits the
    “haunted house” theme. Maybe try some dark oak and mix in some spruce to
    get that dark and spoopy, run-down feeling to it. Also, lots of cobwebs.
    Maybe get some stairs in the walls to make them look like they’re falling
    in? I love the general look and shape of it though. 🙂 Outside of one of
    the windows, have an overgrown bush that has grown through the window and
    into the house. :-D

  7. I think you should do a perimeter fence with iron bars. Then fill in all
    the ground inside the fence with podzol to create a creeper plant style

  8. I know I’m suggesting a lot, but what if you built a town outside of the
    dwarven fortress some what like dale in lord of the rings