HORROR Haunted House 2016 Build Day 13 | 2016 Prop Inventory


For Day 13 of the HORROR Haunted House build, we take a look at my prop inventory for 2016, by visiting the storage facility (aka shed)!

The Thurston Theater opened in 1920, and was a popular spot for adults and kids alike, featuring an array of films.
It’s immense popularity led to rumors suggesting that the theater was haunted. Guests reported seeing characters from popular thriller films roaming the theater halls.
Despite these rumors, the theater continued to grow in popularity. However, it’s fame was short lived. In 1952, the theater caught fire due to faulty wiring, and closed as of October 31st.
Some rumor that the Theater is still haunted, and the characters from horror films old and new wander inside its walls…

Welcome…to the Thurston Theater…where HORROR is reality…


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  1. Very cool mak I got a new Redrum review coming so stay tuned im sure you
    and the rest of the haunters will love it it’s coming out on my bday cause
    it’s a bday present so stay tuned awesome video buddy have a good day pal

  2. by seeing this, you should work on decor at the fright dome. they cool 😛
    seeing this you would have lots of props for there themes. they intense as
    well XD