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  1. The brown stone ware pot with lid is called The Stone Wave microwave
    cooker. It cooks pretty well easy to make eggs etc. there are a lot of
    recipes on YouTube. Easy cooker for the kids only takes a few minutes.
    Watch the handle it gets a little hot when you take it out if the

  2. Thanks for sharing your stuff with us. You find the cutest things. Love it.
    I like the Martha Stewart enameled cast iron. They work for me. I also use
    a few “normal” (not enameled) cast iron pans. I wash these “normal” cast
    iron items with detergent like all my other pots and pans. After washing I
    place them on the burner to dry them thoroughly – this is important. When
    dry, I put a little oil on them and smear it around with some paper. I have
    used this method for several years now and I am happy with ist. The cast
    iron pans seem to like it too.