Indoor Halloween Decorations (2016) PART ONE~(The Gemmy Fan)


Welcome to the (technically second edition) of “Indoor Halloween Decorations” for 2016. Since last year I’ve acquired a tremendous amount of stuff. Some of the life-sizes aren’t mine (Freddy, Brain Monster, and Butler) but they are possible upcoming items I may end up getting soon. Anyways, I had to put this video into two separate parts due to the amount of time it ended up being in total so I apologize for the inconvenience. Last Halloween was certainly full of animation, and I can easily say that this Halloween is OVERFLOWING with it! Link will be provided to the Second part of the video below. Hope you guys enjoy!~The Gemmy Fan



  1. I know you might get mad at me for asking this but I am desperate for a
    orange grave raver skeleton so could you sell him for $68 or trade 3 VERY
    rare Gemmy items for him

  2. Sooooo awesome thank you for filming this! Does Timberland have a deal with
    Gemmy? lol. Ohoh 10:29 is my favourite hehe