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Halloween is round the corner, and the ghosts and goblins love to play a game of hide and seek. Today you babies have to find the jack -o- lantern. Jack O Lantern appears during Halloween mysteriously. But it isn’t easy to spot the scary pumpkin. Today you children have to go trick or treating by yourselves, because, we’re very scared of freaky monsters, and we wouldn’t help you kiddies out in finding him, but there are preschool friends who might. Bingo has already begun sniffing around in the spooky neighborhood. The Five Scary Zombies are jumping higher and higher in the bed, in the hope of catching a glimpse of the glowing pumpkin head. The Wheels on the Bus are going round and round all over and beyond ghost town, to zombie land, in search of it! Row Row Row Your Boat is what the little ghost children are doing in the swamp. To be the first to shout out a yes on seeing the freaky fruit. All this is happening isn’t just happening for fun but to claim the Halloween prize! If you babies wish to try you luck, to. . . .play the scary rhyme compilation. All the best dealing with the creepies!
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Video: Copyright USP Studios™