Joe Weller’s Haunted Mental Asylum | Timeline Of Paranormal Events


Joe Weller’s Asylum, which is Hellingly Asylum in Sussex, England, has caused quite a stir with several YouTubers visiting the supposedly haunted location after strange sounds and events from Joe Weller’s Asylum Video. We take a look at many of these videos, create a timeline of events and see if there are any ghosts caught on tape, any unexplained footage, or any paranormal evidence! Ghosts Caught on camera. Paranormal Videos. Exploring Abandoned Places. Haunted Asylum. vjammah, Chris Bennet, Koomz exploring abandoned haunted mental asylum.

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  1. Gotta agree w/Frank on these. Stumbled onto a couple of the earlier ones
    awhile back & tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. It didn’t last

  2. Every time I see one of these urbanex videos I think of an episode of Andy
    Griffith I saw as a kid.
    Basically all the kids and barney thought a house was haunted Andy didn’t
    buy it so they went there and shit got cray so Barney gets scared and runs
    out and Andy comes out with some moonshiners that were scaring off everyone
    so they could keep their still a secret.

  3. I love your content, but please bleep out some curse words. Makes it a
    million times funnier when some are censored and some aren’t

  4. Sadly that place has been knocked down since those videos. I want there
    myself and it was creepy as hell but we had no issues with stalking
    trolleys or Jamaican accents.

  5. Like because I risk my lives. I only have 3 hearts left out of 10. It
    didn’t quick save so let’s get to 20,000 likes so I can go in a hole in the
    ceiling to get more hearts. We need those likes. LIKE ALREADY!! *Turns into

  6. Laughing my ass off like always. I’ve already seen some of those guys
    videos and it’s sooooo fake!!! I agree with you.

  7. All of these videos are certainly fake… little british kids love to OTT
    everything and try to act ‘hard’.

    Well sick, innit bruv!

    ps: Don’t worry about your failed british accents! A lot of british youth
    like to act/talk like they’re jamaican anyhow!

  8. God dang Nathan, is there a like target so he NEVER does that again? Oh
    better yet, a like target for AJ to do that accent for the WHOLE video!
    Tell me what it would take!