Live Ouija Board In Haunted House


Live Ouija Board In Haunted House, searching for the demons that haunt this house causing a lot of paranormal activity.



  1. WARNING all aliens ((( men from other planets ))) will BURN IN HELL!!!
    DON’T believe them they LIE!!!!!!! Jesus saves Earth men ONLY!!!!! Because
    He died on Earth!!!!!

  2. Most Awesome! I’m wondering is it really dangerous to use a Oujia Board
    alone? I have used one with a friend when we were school age. We used to
    have a lot of fun with it. We had a nice Spirit. Miss not being able to
    talk to him.

  3. What is the child’s voice asking questions in the background? Also, when I
    was around 15 years old I neighbor I pretty much lived with and she used a
    ouji board all the time. I used it a lot with her. I noticed that if I
    thought a answer to the questions and not tell anyone what they were, the
    board always answered the way I was thinking. even if I thought about it
    going around in circles.? I wasn’t moving it though. so why did this

  4. between 28:51 and 28:52 the guy from the right side moves his finger before
    the glass, then the glass starts to go in the same direction where his
    finger gone. FAKE

  5. we’re sorry about the picture and any audio quality. We’re very new to
    doing live sessions. We got an exciting new ghost investigation coming up
    though. We got to finish analayzing it and then we’ll be uploading it. Stay
    tuned ;)

  6. Ouija board didn’t say they were 43 yrs old! You guys weren’t paying full
    attention at times and it was spelling things out quite often. It answered
    your question “what year were you born?” And it went to 1943. Then you guys
    said, your 43 yrs old? No.. It went over 1943! You’d seem to ask a new
    question and then go right into either another/different question right
    away, look away at the computer or ovlious, or you would go into doing
    something else right afterwards. I’m not bashing you guys I’m just stating
    the fact. I think it was confusing the spirit IMO. Again, that’s just my
    own opinion. Esp. The gentleman on our right was so focused on the computer
    screen the entire video.

  7. guys the ouija board just doesnt suit you because you have to be a total
    liar and sly to use one and thats really not you too people just move it to
    were they want it to go and make up what they want its not a legit source
    at all.

  8. guys just watch this video back and really examine it if a spirit realy was
    moving the glass it would not be twisting it around so your fingers are
    getting twisted this happens when there are two opposing forces trying to
    move the glass in different directions so it just says your subconsciously
    moving it yourself i know you two are legit and this is why i said
    subconsciously ok

  9. Has anyone had 100% something happen while using the board? I’ve always
    heard and seen all over the net it doesn’t and it’s fake. Me and my friends
    tried it in a abandoned basement that was haunted and it didn’t do nothing
    I was around 12-13 and I’m 35 now

  10. You open a new door every time you do the board. I hope you close it when
    you finish. Things can n will follow you home and they will stay with you.
    Say protection prayers before n after sessions in the name of jesus. You
    need to protect yourself. It’s really nothing to mess with. The more you
    interact with it the more it will fool you. Please be careful. We love you