Mimi’s CrAzY Crafty Halloween Party!


Mimi forgot that she promised her friends that she was going to have the best Halloween party ever. So, she got to work on making lots of crafty decorations and a cool costume!!!



  1. The most coolest craft i have made is…………….. For Halloween i
    bought a white pumpkin and got some crayons and i took all of the crayons
    out of it’s wrapper and put them onto the white pumpkin and then sat it on
    fire! It turned into something really cool i made it like the one Jazzy
    made. Great video Mimi has always!

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  3. My favourite craft thing is something called Curly Coils you get loads of
    coloured paper and roll them on onto a bit of cardboard, it’s such a nice
    photo frame. Mimi, if you ever do a craft video try doing this!!!!

  4. Helloween things ready for your party plz put me on you very best shoutout
    thx love your vids so so far bye ssg cant wait for more xxx