Minecraft How To Build – Haunted House Tutorial


In today’s tutorial we learn how to build a haunted house

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  1. That is a great looking build, I think I’m going to do 2 versions of this.
    First 1 based on this 1 then another more Xmas like in the snow someplace.

  2. That’s so fantastic what you build and I have to say it’s brilliant aswell
    and since I’ve created that haunted house I’ve added three floors and also
    a web and for the outside of my haunted house is I’ve also added a
    graveyard and trees aswell behind the gate and I’m also a big fan aswell
    and I do follow aswell and also follow instructions for example your
    instructions Twinkles and since I came up with idea for the outside of the
    haunted house I’ve added a graveyard since that was my idea and I’ve also
    followed you on subscribe aswell your pretty awesome aswell to be honest
    Twinkles and I’m also a big fan aswell and I’ve build the haunted house on
    Xbox 360 since I’ve got the full game of Minecraft.

  3. hey hey! i’ve come across your channel by accident. But I do like this
    building style, and your commentary is pleasant to listen to! I was
    wondering if you’d like to collab for one video? Let me know (:

  4. Hey thx I’m making a survival Halloween world and this will do the trick
    and gets what I’m ur 800th subscribe well done :D