Most Haunted – S17E03 – Thackray House


Spooky searches with Yvette Fielding. The team might need a little TLC after their visit to a Leeds medical museum, where a spirit doctor is doing his rounds.

The 3rd series of Most Haunted as presented on Really TV.
Most Haunted’s 17th season altogether, since it’s creation back in January 2002.

All rights are owned by Antix Productions and Really TV.



  1. made up ive been their.they didnt mention the white witch who was hung for
    poisoning people and the stone throwing ghost in the little town that what
    the staff told me nothing about a doctor black shadow..however the cinema i
    went in by myself on the automatic doors when approached to go in would
    open snd vice versa..i went in to watch the film in there and the doors
    were openi g as if someone was coming a few times and there would be noone may say people passing by but you had to get reaal close to the
    censor for it to open and noone was outside its in a quieter part of the
    building i got a hair standing on end feeling so i left. as i left i stood
    and watched to see what hsppened when people went by and nothing the cinema
    was a little distance from the walkway and the doors kept opening and
    shutting still a couple of times whilst i was watching..i asked a member of
    staff if they had a mechanical problem with the doors and they said they
    are regularly checked and im not the first one to mention it .they put it
    down to paranormal

  2. They should have given the poor people the money they spent on making this
    monstrosity. Just another way that the government keeps its citizens down.

  3. I really like Yvette. I think she’s funny. But I wish that they didn’t
    resort to trickery to get viewers. They have such great locations to choose
    from over there, so they should rely on less people and more cameras and
    voice recorders. They spend waaayy too much time chasing noises. Take some
    people off the payroll, and buy more scientific equipment.

  4. This is all not fake . These people are here to prove that it is all real
    and I thoroughly believe it all because I am a physic myself that has
    communicated with spirits. I have felt a sharp pain in my left knee area,
    later revealing that my great grandad had died during the operation of
    amputating his left leg. I have used a dowser pendulum that swings in a
    certain direction to give you a yes , no answer . I have seen different
    coloured orbs. One time I saw blue orbs that apparently signify artistic
    and creativeness. And my grandad was an artist. It is all real, just
    because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there…