Most Haunted – S18E09 – HMP Shrewsbury Part 2


Yvette and the rest of the ghost-hunting team continue their mammoth search of HM Prison Shrewsbury. What will be waiting for them in the former execution room?

The brand new 4th series of Most Haunted has started on Really!
This is Most Haunted’s 18th series altogether, since they began back in January 2002.

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  1. Stuart disappears early on in this one…I wonder why? I don’t mind him at
    all…it’s just odd he’s pretty much gone from this one. I remember the one
    where Fred is gone too by the end. They never mention it.

  2. Something seems genuine about this episode, Karl was clearly scared and
    curious and normally I suspected him of faking things… this is probably
    the first episode where I’ve thought differently.

  3. They needed to put a camera on the noose! For all I know, the rope could be
    lined with high power magnets, and someone could be manipulating the rope
    just off camera. Either they didn’t think of this, or thats what they did!

  4. What they choose to not tell you is that the prison is right next to a busy
    train station!!! the tracks and moving trains cause vibrations which can
    slowly move objects and whistling sounds when their brakes come on!!! I
    live nearly a mile away and I can hear the whistles from the trains
    braking. Sorry to disappoint anyone!!!

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