My Halloween Decorations 2016


In this video, I start setting up my Halloween decorations!!!!! IT’S THAT TIME!
I couldn’t do a time lapse because of the sun was in my shot no matter where I put the camera.
I wait for it to set to do a better walk through of my set up.
Hope you enjoy.

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  1. i would decorate but i only put the expensive stuff outside on halloween to
    prevent theft, one christmas someone stole my expensive set of lights and
    decided to never decorate for christmas again, but i still put cheap
    lighting for halloween to atleast be in the spooky mood, then on halloween
    night i put the good decor out

  2. This looks terrific! Cover those 2 chairs with drop cloths and they will
    blend with your spooky theme. They have smaller sized ones at Lowes.

  3. thanks for posting this i love watching halloween
    deco vids.your house looked amazinggggg!! can’t wait to see your other
    halloween videos

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