My Haunted House S04E02 Sad Sam And Black Magic




  1. I had my own creepy storie I was under a tree outside my house cleaning up
    the leaves when I heard my name being called it was night time nobody was a
    around not a car not a sound clear as day my name I left the brush and ran
    inside I looked out the window nobody was there a few nights later stones
    was being chucked at my bedroom window they was that loud I thought my
    windows was going to break that loud it was this happen 3/4 times I moved
    in the back bedroom same thing happened again nobody Was there then after
    this I was asleep something was blowing on me I was so scared the shock the
    force straight away next to me I felt a presence standing right next to me
    so strongly then I had demonic dreams this happened for a while I was
    asleep in the day time I felt a hand on my leg I jump out of bed I shock
    sooooooooo yeah I’ve moved out of the house know these sprites need to know
    who boss lol!!!!!´╗┐