My House Is Haunted | Story Time


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Hey guys, so these are 100% true stories, I figured I’d share them with you since it’s October and it’s getting pretty close to halloween now 🙂 I hope you enjoy this!

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I love you guys so much!!! 🙂

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  1. Maybe it’s a spirit that followed you from another house?? If you were
    having weird dreams before you moved into this house, then maybe those have
    something to do with it and you could have been too young to remember
    anything happening at the other house? Just a theory! Or some one was
    buried on where you guys built your current house. At least it doesn’t
    sound like an evil spirit! :)

  2. what if theres an indian burial ground near you that could be gone now..
    scary shit. my old house was haunted too..

  3. I love hearing stuff like this!! I’d love to hear about your crazy dreams!!
    Do you ever wonder if Alora can see or hear the same noises you could as a

  4. we had a spirit in our house that would meow like our cat. it wasn’t the
    cat because the cat would be at the edge of the bed asleep. and the meowing
    would come from the hallway. also the spirit used to slam the door from our
    garage into our stairway as hard as possible. it hasn’t happened recently.
    but we still hear footsteps in the hall and when I open the kitchen blinds
    sometimes it will close them when nobody is looking.

  5. I was upstairs in my grandparents house when I lived with them and I was
    cleaning out the hall closet. I swear I felt someone pull my hair but no
    one was up there with me. I think I was home alone but I can’t remember. I
    hated being there alone because everyone says her house it haunted. She
    said she’s seen a women there before but I never saw anything. I just
    always felt like someone was staring at me as I walked around at night. I
    was so creepy. I’m literally crying right now. Aha

  6. omg that did sound scary and the music on the background is creepy… I
    really enjoy your stories and the way you tell them and would like to hear
    more about anything

  7. I laughed at 8:06 when Alora made a sound. And the music makes the video
    funny in a way. But omg that is creepy. Like being home alone and finding
    the door unlocked and food on the floor. You should do the dream video!