Not The Only Haunted House In The Neighborhood


The original 1982 Poltergeist House in Simi Valley, Yikes! Taking you on a stroll through the new neighborhood. I found something spooky! Thanks for watching and thank you very much for the congradulations and sweet messages and comments to both Jeana, myself, and the new little haunter. 🙂

New Little Haunter Announcement

Twelve Halloween Stores In One Trip!

Music By Crypt of stan

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  1. how cool is that and coincidental that you all move close to it..muhahaha.
    glad you all are doing something this Halloween, hope Jeana feels better.

  2. So cool that house is nearby you, plus I’d totally buy it if it ever came
    up for sale. I wonder if the owners are into Halloween at all. :)

  3. That was so cool to see and revisit The Poltergeist location. I got all
    giddy from that one! Definitely brought back memories on that. Can’t wait
    to see what you guys come up with this Halloween!

  4. Wow. I immediately recognized the house before you even got to the front of
    it. Poltergeist is one of the all time favorite movies. This is way too

  5. I think they did use some real skeletons because they said plastic ones
    would have melted when they baked them in foam latex.

  6. Looking forward to your next video! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to
    do for Halloween this year. Tell Gina(SP?) to try benadryl for her nausea.
    works great and it’s totally safe during her pregnancy!

  7. That is so cool! Your new neighborhood is beautiful!
    Poor Jeana. I feel bad for her too. Get her some gingerale with real ginger
    in it and ginger candy and stuff like that. It helps. They also make
    bracelets for morning sickness.
    With our first child, Rick gained a lot of weight too….he had a baby
    belly to go along with mine. Take good care of our new haunter mommy! Love
    you guys.

  8. Simi Valley is one of my old haunting grounds. Plenty of trick or treats
    there. Just install alarms so your stuff does not end up missing over
    night. Pesky goblins and gouls with sticky fingers………………

  9. Morning sickness cure from my Chinese neighbors: Sugar-coated bits of
    pickled plums. Available in most Asian markets. Can’t hoit.