Other Local Haunted Houses


Sure you have Halloween Horror Nights and Howl O Scream. Though if you’re looking for something different and maybe extreme. Check out these other local haunted houses. What are some haunted houses in your area that I should check out?

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  1. From the reviews that I have seen, The Shallow Grave is one of, If not the
    best in your area. Good review Chris!

  2. I live in San Diego and during the Halloween season, We got Haunted Hotel,
    The Haunted Trail and The Scream Zone Which I believe The Haunted Hotel is
    the best.

  3. I remember seeing Tim Tracker’s video of Shallow Grave in the past. Looked
    absolute terrifying. We have a local haunt in Melbourne called Trail of
    Terror which I’ve never tried before. This may be the year!

  4. I live near Chicago, so we have quite a few up here. We have Statesville,
    Dungeon of Doom, Basement of the Dead as well as a few others. I try to hit
    them once a year. I always make time to travel down for HHN though!