Ouija and Three Kings in the Most Haunted House in America


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  1. Why did we end up re-watching last weeks investigation/ritual? What was it
    that happened before? Is Tim ok? Last you guys were on cam was right after
    you saw what was left on his chest. What was on his chest?!!? Then you cut
    to old footage from the week before with no explanation. SO CONFUSED! Is
    Tim OK???

  2. i enjoyed this stream today. half watched it at work but mostly just
    listened while i worked, really did give me the chills. then re-watched it
    all when i got home. i really want to see what was on Tims chest!

  3. I think she is tempting her safety by calling out the entities while Tim is
    under their influence. I would hate to see her hurt one day, because Tim
    does not have control over himself or his actions.

  4. As if Tim was on a salvia trip in the beginning. But salvia combined with
    communicating with the death/demons, should be one hell of a experience.
    Scary shit

  5. A womans voice: 4:04 54 answers “yes” 4:04 00 womans voice “can you hear
    me?” 4:05 15 womans voice .. I can’t make out what she says. 4:05 34 womans
    voice talking 4:06 womans voice louder 4:06 20 4:06 3o womans voice “I
    can’t do this” IS THIS KRISTEN TALKING?? 4:18 55 womans voice.

  6. When you guys were setting up who was talking? while putting the oil on the
    chair, and her Lighting the candle it sounded like someone whispering into
    the microphone.