Our 2016 Halloween Home Decor Tour


Hello again friends, its Qeren. Today I’m finally sharing with you guys my Halloween decor tour. I really liked how it came out this year and I hope you all enjoy it. I don’t really decorate our yard that much because kids don’t come to trick or treat in our neighborhood:( so i just simply do it for the fun of it. Thank you all so much for watching and if your not subscribed make sure to do so, ill really appreciate it:) Happy Halloween!!

*Most of my decor is either from Marshalls, Homegoods, Walmart, Target, Diy’ed, or Thrifted:)

*Let me know down in the comments if you have a Halloween Decor Video up. Id love to see it:)

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More about me:
Hi, Im Qeren, I am a Wife, and a Momma of two little girls. Denise(8) and Danielle(3) I enjoy Living life, being a Wife and a Stay at home Mom, shopping, thrifting, antiquing, sharing tips, decorating, and vlogging. Join me in my YouTube Journey:)

Halloween Home Decor Haul:

Fall Home Decor Tour:

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  1. Everything looks great! I love the cotton stems and need to get some
    myself. I only have one very very small one with about three cotton
    blossoms on it. Lol

  2. Oh my God you did a great job decorating question about the Olive bucket,
    did you pick it up this year? I’ve been looking for one but they are very
    very pricey..

  3. Love that aqua cakestand! Everything looks great! I don’t normally decorate
    for Halloween but you might inspire me to next year!;)

  4. Where’s the Mercury glass pumpkin from? I was going to ask if you let your
    kids help you decorate and you answered it!

  5. Your typewriter fits in so well with your decor! Love your plates! I hope
    you find your dream house soon! Because I know you will decorate it
    beautifully! I love love that cake plate in your kitchen! Thank you so much
    for sharing!
    I am hosting a Halloween DIY collab, come and join the fun!