Our Halloween Decor 2016!


Finally! Don’t usually have this vid up so late in the year! ;p Don’t resist anymore, Halloween fans! Time to dive into your carefully hidden treasure troves of glittery ghoulishness! Let me know if your decorations are up too, I’d love to see!



  1. WOW beautiful I love all of your wee trinkets doobeedahs and pieces <3 I am
    slowly getting there with mine, once my visitors leave on Friday I will be
    getting stuck in to my decorating too LOTS to do cannnnt wait I love this
    time of year xxx

  2. Please tell em you are keeping this all up year round? lol it looks so
    awesomeee. I been trying to do my decorating but have not felt well enough
    to yet. So watching this made me smile <3

  3. I love your place! So much cool stuff, your Edward Gorey calendar is very
    nice! My favorite set up is your little console table with the old
    telephone and the flask full of branches next to it, really nice!! Great
    job so far! Oh, and I have that same door tag you have, except mine is
    purple, black and silver! Happy decorating!!

  4. we seriously need to own our own dam store only problem is i see us not
    selling much but to ourselves hahaha i love your house!!!!

  5. Love it all girlie!! I have Fall stuff to get us in the mood for Mabon but
    i’ve told myself I”m gonna wait until at least after then to decorate for
    Samhain haha but I have bags of stuff set aside just waiting to go out hehe