Painting The Giant Halloween Pumpkins Update


The giant pumpkin challenge continues theres a Halloween party going on at our house and we are starting to paint the large giant foam pumpkin props. Its past the time for Halloween decorations and Halloween decorating but we are just getting started designing and fabricating the witch hut Halloween facade. The Halloween facade will measure 12′ x 16′ and be 16′ tall. We also plan on building a roof to go over one side.

Hard Coating Foam Props

Carving Foam Pumpkin Stems

Carving Giant Foam Pumpkins

Building A Witch’s Cottage – Halloween Facade

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  1. you guys rock. I hate those misty fogs. same thing happened when I painted
    the foam on the skull pile for the leering skeleton. oh what a mess

  2. so so very excited that y’all have uploaded some new videos my husband
    SERIOUSLY checks EVERY SINGLE day to see if you’ve posted anything new & we
    worry about y’all when you haven’t. We know your busy, & Gina we hope
    you’re feeling well…way way back in the day I had morning sickness sooooo
    bad, I had to carry a trash can around with me in my car…yuck I
    know….sorry, but I know how tough it can be. Again glad y’all have
    posted. He’s at a conference today & tomorrow but I know for a fact he will
    check his phone tonight to watch your latest videos. We both just LOVE you
    guys, adore the fun that you have together & the AMAZING things that you
    make. hope all is well. Happy Halloween

  3. those are absolutely amazing!…can’t wait to see them with the stems done
    & see everything come together with the witch cottage!…:D