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Tis the season of cinnamon candles, white girls screaming over Starbucks, and blood colored leaves! During this time of year, I share videos pertaining to Fall / Autumn DIYs, my current seasonal obsessions, and more. You should totally subscribe to my channel! UPSIDE: You get to watch all my Halloweeny videos as soon as they are posted. DOWNSIDE: There is none, and it’s 100% free! I do draw inspiration for my videos from Shane Dawson, rclbeauty101, Hayley Williams, AlishaMarie, Rachhloves, and Katherine Elizabeth 🙂

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▽My name? Audrey
▽My Purpose? I love to make people laugh and I love seeing people smile. If you like my style, subscribe to my channel.
▽ Camera? Canon Rebel t3i
▽ Age? 16 yrs
▽ Grade? A senior in High School (12th grade)
▽ Where do I live? New Yoooooork (concrete jungles where dreams are maaade of…)
▽ Editing Software? Final Cut Pro (earlier videos: iMovie)

FTC Homeskillet! Everything I talked about/mentioned/showed y’all in this video were all purchased by yours truly and all opinions were my very own. What does FTC even mean anyways LOL
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