Psychic Bob’s Sunday Walk 10-16-2016: Halloween Is Here!!!


Hey Tubies! Come along with me on my Sunday walk as I explore neighborhood Halloween Decorations and share my thoughts on life…Blessed be!
-Psychic Bob
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  1. Ahh fall Autumn! I love that time of year. Especially Halloween and the
    beautiful leaf’s of orange and that beautiful smell of fresh cool air!

    Beautiful lovely walk you must have had today psychic Bob. Much love and
    blessings to you :D

  2. It looks like they are repainting the floor of that temple too. very

  3. yes! The moon was so amazing last night, I charged all of my crystals 🙂 I
    heard that tonight there’s suppose to be rare super moon, I’m not 100% sure
    but I’m going to be looking out for it. I enjoyed this video, thank you :)

  4. Loved the walk. Where ever you live it is very pretty there. I live in
    Chicago. Which unfortunately has been taken over by violence and police and
    political corruption. You can feel the negativity bubbling over. Please
    send your blessing to our city to help bring harmony and peace. Thank You
    Psychic Bob!

  5. Wow! Awesome video topic. Fall is so GORGEOUS. I ♡ Halloween. The colors of
    fall are just beautiful. The decorations are so diverse the neighborhood
    you were strolling through just beautiful. Autumn sends me into a pause.
    Time feels as if will stop entirely. The changes in environment Affect me I
    feel in absolute love the entire time the wheel turns to Yule. I decorate
    using many colorful mums- pumpkins – just cannot get enough of the Autumn
    Spirit. The moon last night felt surreal it was huge and especially
    beautiful. This video is my favorite to date.

  6. thanks for taking us for a walk Bob! I’m bedridden at this time so I miss
    going out and seeing all the beauty! I did take a little moon bath on my
    deck right outside=glorious! Blessings )O(

  7. Hi Bob!
    I’ve watched all your videos this week, no time to comment tho.
    Your always here for peeps, your awesome!
    much love to you brother
    from Willow-Sage Braden
    Victoria BC Canada