Raven Cloche Halloween Decor – DIY


Add class, sophistication and elegance while introducing Halloween 👻 into your home decor!

I love to use cloches for Decorating! This Raven/Crow Halloween Cloche is so easy, inexpensive and a true “nod” to Halloween decor!

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  1. Hi Zane ~ Looks great! I`ve picked up some of those crows at the Dollar
    Tree and you`re right, the quality wasn`t bad. There is something about
    putting even the most ordinary object under glass. It elevates and the
    ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary!

  2. I need a raven inside a cloche ,amazing and Poe inspired !!!
    Thanks for the double sided tape , I have a few birds that need help
    Also, I agree with you about not being too fussy with the nest.

  3. Hi Zane, congrats on yet another adorable decorating idea! So neat to get
    ideas on how to incorporate items one may already have, such as a cloche
    (those and apothecary jars are a home décor dream as they are multi-purpose
    to change up for seasons, holiday and party events) Happy Fall.

  4. Hi my friend happy blue Monday Oct-10 2016 wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
    gorgeous and great idea love love love love love love it thank you so much
    for sharing your experience and very nice and warm and God bless you my

  5. I love this diy because it’s so versatile due to the fact it can be
    effortlessly interchangeable throughout the seasons. Thanks for sharing.