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WELL HI THERE SPOOKY GHOST FRIENDS AND WELCOME TO #LoeysHalloweenParty !!! This video took 12 hours to film, edit and upload (I only took a break for some much needed coffee) so I really hope you guys enjoy it. In this video, I’m going to of course be telling some scary af stories for you guys because I KNOW you love it, but I wantd to do something a little different! I also decided to show a little lookbook of my Harley Quinn costume picks as well as take a Halloween quiz. Let me know if you liked this by giving it a THUMBS UP and subscribe if you haven’t already! Thank you so much for watching and until next time… ILYSM!

Take the Halloween quiz here:

What Am I Wearing?
1st Look: Sweater from Torrid
Skirt from Torrid
Choker from BooHoo
Shoes from Qupid

2nd Look: Bomber Jacket from Torrid
Burn After Use Sweater from Torrid
Jeans from Fashion to Figure
Shoes from Torrid

3rd Look: Sequin Dress from Torrird
Flats from Wet Seal
Choker from Forever 21

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  1. If you ever see a ghost that is a child it could mean that “child” is a
    Demon because Demons like disguising as children or black cats so if your
    house is haunted and the ghost is a child move out lol

  2. I was totally one of those ppl I straight up thought Paranormal Activity
    was real and couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks and then I saw the two actors on
    the cover of Entertainment Weekly and my life went back to normal! ahhhh I
    was soooo stupid LOL

  3. Hi Loey. I’ve been watching your videos for more than a year now, and I
    never felt confident enough to write a comment, but this video is really
    special. This Halloween to me was probably almost as stressful as your
    October (forgive me if the comparison is weird or if it sounds wrong). I
    had to go through something incredibly difficult for me emotionally, in a
    foreign country, absolutely alone. I’ve been desperately trying to find
    things that would calm down the boiling hell of horrible thoughts in my
    head, but it’s not always that easy. Especially for someone with a
    depression and a big habit to overthink. But here you are, sitting down
    with me on this day and offering me 40 delightful minutes of distraction. I
    wouldn’t know how it worked, but it did – somehow, your cheerfulness and
    amazing personality just always gets to me. Even when I have some of my
    worst days. I just thought I would let you know that and maybe, hopefully,
    this will also help you at least a tiny little bit when you’re having a bad
    time. Thank you so much for doing what you do :)