Recycle Old Toys Into Halloween Decorations


Recycle Old Toys into Halloween Decorations

How to Turn Cute Toys into Ghoulish Halloween Decorations

Have you ever noticed how there’s something quite creepy about your children’s old toys? The ones that have been around for a while, and find themselves stored away in boxes in the basement? Sure they’re attached to great memories, but at this point, they’re just stuffed and staring into space from a box. Again, a little creepy.
We suggest you up the creep factor and “Halloween” your old toys. It’s a great way to give them new life! (In a zombie kind of way)
Teddy Bears
Doll House
Fake Blood
Ghoul Mask
Plastic Spiders
Spooky Eyeballs
Plastic Skeletons
Plastic Rat
Eyeshadows in ‘Bruise’ Colors
White Marker
Cooked Spaghetti
Red Food Coloring

Hot Glue
Instructions Toy Car:
1. Hot glue the skeleton to the car as if driving it, with legs akimbo.
2. Track the car in fake blood and roll it into the scene, to create bloody tracks.
Instructions for Stuffed Animals:
1. Rip out the eyes and let some stuffing hang out, then dab with red food coloring for blood.

2. Hot glue one or two plastic scary eyeballs, as if hanging out of the sockets.

3. Randomly stick skeleton heads and arms from wounds, and hot glue into place.

Instructions for Masked Teddy Bear :
1. Slip the mask over the teddy bear’s head.

2. Add a bloody ribbon as a collar.
Instructions for Dead Dolls:
1. Moisten the “skin” of your dolls.

2. Dot on flour to cake the skin.

3. Lightly dust the khaki green eyeshadow on eye lids and around the sockets.
4. Lightly dust the blues, grays around the face and fingers.
5. Blood and toothpicks added randomly as ‘stabbings’.
6. Place a rat on your doll’s belly.

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Instructions for Turtle Eaten by Spiders:
1. Toss a drop of red food coloring with plain spaghetti.

2. Slice the seam between the shell and the insides…

…and fill it with cooked spaghetti “guts” and spiders, and let some pour out.

3. Hot glue a few spiders to the top of the shell.

4. Paint the eyeballs white, like a zombie, with your marker.