Scary Haunting Stories | The Doll/My Parents House


Just when you thought you were safe at home, here are a couple of stories of hauntings to haunt your dreams.

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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” -HP Lovecraft

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Story 1- Alyson

Story 2- Tory

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  1. For the last story there, this is serious and what you have there is
    definitely a case of demonic harassment and you need to get in touch with a
    good catholic priest that can exorcise the house. They know how to handle
    that kind of thing. But be aware that some catholic priests do not want to
    get involved in this, so search around until you find a good one. The
    catholic church are basically the only one know really know how to deal
    with this, be aware for others as there are a lot of snake oil in this

    Playing with that Ouija board was a bad idea, doing that invites spirits in
    and is possible what started it. One priest I talked to told me it was like
    Nitroglycerin for the soul, you leave yourself wide open. So please do not
    do that or playing around with any of these so called paranormal games,
    they are no joke.

    Nope I am not involved with the Catholic church in any way, but I have used
    their services in the past in when I myself got into trouble. A good priest
    will help you regardless of the faith you might have.

    Good luck.´╗┐

  2. I find it so amusing how many people seem to be genuinely wary or even
    terrified of Ouija boards. What’s to be afraid of from a mass-produced bit
    of cardboard and plastic? I’ve played with them, even genuinely tried to
    contact any nearby spirits, and nothing has ever happened, not during nor

  3. Whatever “it” was had attached itself to you, but was constrained to the
    house. Perhaps, you had a heightened awareness into the “shadow land” (for
    lack of a better term) and acted as a receptor for “something” to be drawn
    and enter our world through you, like a magnet. From the story, I heard
    nothing said of physical attacks on you only mischievous and
    annoying occurrences. The incidents involving electronic devices (cell
    phone, lights, tv, radio, tape recorder) could have been the conduits
    for communication in the form of pranks – letting itself be known and
    still living among you. The fact that family members experienced
    various unexplained phenomena while you were in the house was,
    indeed, frightening but not harmful. Did you investigate past owners (was
    there not a mention of “John” in one of the incidents) or owners of the
    land the house was built upon? You mentioned using an Ouija board, but that
    was many years after the experiences began, so I wouldn’t hold much
    credence in that being the cause. But, why in the hell would you even think
    of bringing an Ouija board into the mix? You already know there is a
    benevolent entity hovering over you. I would call that tempting fate. You
    may not be so lucky playing such a dangerous game. “Do not call forth that
    which you cannot put down.”´╗┐