Shopping For Halloween Decorations | VLOG | JustJeevqn


Hey guys welcome back to another video! This is actually the first time you can see my face so… yeah! There isn’t much more to say about that! This is also the first vlog I have EVER made and uploaded so the quality and editing may not be that good but I am sure that it will improve over time!

In this video I did not go to the official Poundland shop instead I went to a less famous kind of corner shop which also sells things for £1.I went to this shop to buy decorations for my room as it is coming close to Halloween! 👻

Hi my name is… Not going to be revealed because I don’t want to YET.
But half of it is in my YouTube name, Can you guess what it is?
On the same note, please if you guess my real name Private Message me here on YouTube and don’t just post it anywhere random.

My age is also not going to be revealed but I will give you a clue
I am older than 0 years old. Yes that is meant to be a 0.

I use an IPhone 6s to record my videos where you can see me but I use Quick Time Player (ATM) to record any gaming videos or tutorials on the computer. The main editor I use for all of my videos is Final Cut Pro for Mac.

Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video and THUMBS UP if you did.
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QUESTION OF THE VIDEO: In the comment section say which holiday you like better… HALLOWEEN or your BIRTHDAY???

For me it would be my birthday just because the whole day is based on ME 😊

Thats it for this description so…
Byeeeeeee 👻

All music used in this video is by Kevin Macleod
Credits for transition effect goes to VideoEdits DIY



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