Steve’s Haunted Family Q&A Reply Vlog


Halloween spirit haunted yard



  1. you left us uot so iam just going to say that youall love cats and we do to
    we have 7 2 out side and 5 in side .we love you all your number 1 fans
    eddie and Debbie and the cats

  2. you love cats and we do to .we did not here you talk about us on there now
    we have 7 cats 2 out side and 5 small ones in side 5 girls and 2 boys we
    are your number 1 fans thank you eddie and debbie

  3. Kool Julie! Embalmer sound totally awesome! Is that morbid of me? Lol! My
    oldest wanted to get into the funeral “field” but he’s autistic and social
    anxiety so he decided not to and his anxiety/social awkwardness has made
    him a hermit.

    Wasn’t there an older daughter?

    Otto seems so laid back…

    It’s so awesome that the girls get along. Poor Otto is the only boy…