STORYTIME – My First Haunted House – Samantha Potter


Here is my “Storytime” about the first time I went to a Halloween haunted house. Watch to see how it went for me and my friends. Happy Haunting!
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  1. I went to a haunted maze. Not one minute after I enter a guy scares me so
    bad with a chainsaw. Never screamed so loud in my life.

  2. he i feel like my appartment is haunted i everyday see like a black shadow
    and hear louds of something and the lights lock and open on its own and my
    windows is open when im home and i live with friends but they are going on
    early work and when i wake up is there nothing wrong but when i come home
    is everything ca´hanged my friends is even not coming home they are first
    home at the evening… and here yesterday i was alone home and i was in the
    living room right beside my internet and i was just on pinterest and then
    somehow i look down on our internet box and somehow its like locking in 1´0
    minutes and then starting again and i was alone and i was sitting only an
    di didn´t move and then i was so so scared and if someone is knocking on
    the door am i supposed no to open is my friends telling me… so yeah i
    live in a haunted appartment XD

  3. I loved your story so much!! Please do more storytimes!! 😀
    I have only been to a small haunted house, not a big one. :)

  4. I always love what you have to shear. Your never fake, and you just be
    yourself. Your stories are always interesting. Thanks for that. If you do
    have more stories I’d love to hear them. I follow you for your music, but
    your other videos are always so interesting and fun to watch too. I really
    think you must be one of the most interesting people on the planet. As you
    get older keeping being you. Don’t change for anyone other than yourself.
    No one is perfect but what you put out there for the world to see sure
    makes you look like one of the most amazing people ever. Not hard to guess
    I’m a fan right!

  5. “Blah, blah, blah, blah…so then we got out and it was all good”.
    Snore-fest, how about make up a scary story to tell us? And maybe even put
    music to it (like Melanie Martinez)…make a song!

    Ok, just saying, you know that I love you still (always), right?? We
    remember this because this is when you made the “Stitches” cover-Shaun

    Peace Potter!

  6. Hi Samantha. Nice discussion. Sign a waiver? Most of what I know–the young
    people can’t do that. I good lawyer would fix that easily. Without a prior
    instruction team–that waiver would never hold water. // Hey Happy

  7. i wuss at a haunted house at bails in Oklahoma i lived in prayer and i got
    scard at a spider that bump up ageist a finse in a
    ride i wuss on and i grabbed this girl that wuss on the ride with me and
    she hugged me so hard lol i felt so scard i wuss like 10 or 13 it wuss cool
    good story Samantha i like the story u told it wuss very cool.

    Just sum names i go by if u want to now lol