Terrified Toddler Cries At Halloween Decorations


This terrified toddler who is scared of everything will not enjoy Halloween after crying at a toy in the supermarket.

Scaredy-cat Jackson Johnson was already screaming and covering his eyes when mum Ashley was shopping in the spooky section of a local store.

Plucking up some courage, the 21-month-old casts a suspicious eye up at the talking skeleton on a shelf above him.

Instantly, Jackson, from Pontiac, Michigan, USA, turns his head towards the floor and starts bawling again as Ashley chuckles in the background.

Ashley said: “I tried so hard to not giggle in the store but was literally in tears from laughing so much at the video.

“Jackson is scared of pretty much anything to do with Halloween – skeletons, pumpkins, corn stalks, ghosts, fake arms, and even happy scarecrows.”