The Darkness Haunted House – Complete Walk Thru


A complete walk thru of The Darkness which is over 60,000 screaming feet. This video was taken at the end of the night walking thru at a very fast pace. See the Zombie Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, The Darkness, Terror Visions and much more. Learn more at



  1. My only criticism after walking through it myself earlier this month and
    watching this walk through is the animatronics…The effects and detail are
    really solid throughout the entire attraction, but the animatronics offer
    little to no true scares. If they jumped out at you under strobe lights and
    loud sound effects, it could be truly terrifying, but when I walked through
    they weren’t being used to scare as much as they were to add to the overall
    aesthetic of the themes. A huge waste in set potential, if you ask me.
    Overall though, this is a very highly effective haunt, and is plenty
    shocking and scary even without the animatronics. It’s well worth the price
    and wait!! I’d give my own personal experience an 8.5/10.