The Exorcist Full Haunted House Maze, Halloween Horror Nights 2016, Universal Studios Hollywood


Experience true evil inside the MacNeil house. Part of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, The Exorcist is an all-new maze that takes you into a dark battle between good and evil based on the scariest movie all time. (0:12)

Inside The Exorcist maze, you’ll see the most terrifying events unfold right before your eyes, as 12-year-old Regan is being possessed by a demon. (0:45) You’ll enter iconic scenes and settings from the film, including Regan’s bedroom. (1:35)

Around every corner of the dark house is a demon lurking. (3:39) You may even get sprinkled with some holy water by the priest! (3:52) After several frightening encounters in the darkness (5:27), you’ll emerge from the MacNeil house and continue a terrifying night at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood!

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