The Exorcist Haunted House Full Walk Through 2016 | Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood


This is a full house walk though of The Exorcist haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2016.
Get ready to witness the The Exorcist, a terrifying new horror
experience based on the “scariest film of all time.” Inside the MacNeil house, a violent battle is raging. A battle between the forces of light and all the powers of Hell! At stake is not only the soul of one troubled girl, but the soul of anyone who sets foot inside the house.

Something beyond comprehension is happening to a twelve year old girl named Regan MacNeil. Some dreadful entity has invaded her body, transforming the innocent young girl into a horrid creature that is unrecognizable to her own mother. A creature that has been possessed by a demon… possibly the devil himself.

The demon knows you’re coming. Stay on the path of the righteous…and fear the darkness!

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  1. I’m older than you guys so The Exorcist was the first movie of this type my
    best friend and I skipped school to see….we scared ourselves to death. I
    truly think to this day this is the scariest movie I have ever seen. I
    don’t think I could go into that house so thanks for going in for me…now
    I won’t sleep. :)

  2. P.S. Went to see the actual steps where they filmed the movie in
    Georgetown…used to say i looked just like Linda Blair.

  3. that was Aceeeeeeeee.god id love to go in that of my fave movies
    The Excorcist . got to have to come over next year for Halloween .thats
    right up my street .your Halloween nights rock over your blogs x

  4. I did like this house. But I was kinda disappointed. For some reason I was
    expecting it to be way more scary. No hate at all but it just wasn’t as
    real as the other houses. Halloween 2 and American horror story were
    definitely my favorites. I did have a very fun time though!