The Haunted House – Gwylfa Hiraethog – Denbigh Moors


A VERY windy visit to the locally known “Haunted House” Gwylfa Hiraethog, situated on the Denbigh Moors within the Hiraethog Mountains. North Wales.



  1. Excellent Tour…it looks haunted…the wind noise was perfect for the
    background …In Maryland we have a abandoned missile base from the Cold
    War days…which were loaded with minute man missiles…..nuclear …..all
    that is left are the silo’s above ground….very disturbing…makes you
    think about what if… me the chills……we were so,close.”..

  2. It once held the record for the only lodging in Wales with the best
    panoramic view , i have footage of this place taken many years back when
    there was more of it including the chimneys

  3. Great historic video. Do you know what year this house was built? If you
    can Paul, give a little bit of history on this house in another video if
    you can, very interesting. Cheers!!!!!!

  4. The Ruins look like the aftermath of an Alien Invasion( I am thinking of
    “Battle in Los Angles”). I definitely enjoyed the video wind and all.

  5. A beautiful day despite the wind and many lovely panoramic views – thank
    you so much for taking the time to share your part of the world with all of
    us! You are a most fortunate fellow Paul, as you live smack dab in the
    center of one of the most picturesque parts of the UK!

  6. The Sportsmans arms is now open once again – reopened October 2015
    They serve food from 10-8pm and they are open till 11pm.

  7. How you doing Paul great video just wondering if his lordship ever stayed
    over there looks like his kind of place all the best (slangevar)

  8. Nature soon takes the land back if allowed. The weather has obviously
    battered it. Has it been a ruin all the time you’ve known it Paul? I reckon
    it would’ve been an impressive place and as you said could tell some