The Haunted Village | Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Gameplay | Part 10


The Haunted Village is a new section of park!

Sitting around the edge of Dracula’s castle. The partially abandoned town will be a nice change of theme. A bit darker and dirty than the rest for sure!

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  1. nice spooky touches 😀

    maybe the put some boards on the thatched roof,to look like it was repaired
    or try to make some sort of hole on the roofs to make it look more rundown

    park is looking great .

  2. I think what you could do is just do a forest sort of transition. Use just
    greenery to give the effect that they are going to a different area. I cant
    think of a good way to transition otherwise. Just a suggestion. Maybe even
    using the witches hut hidden in the foliage.

  3. Perhaps already you commented , but not English …. You work creating
    levels and scenarios for gaming companies ?, is very good
    Greetings and luck

  4. Really liking it Uthris!
    To make the themes merge, I would place a wall of stone, that’s broken down
    on the haunted side and pristine on the other. Just like big old cities,
    the separation of old district vs new district.
    Also maybe play with various terrain heights to make the “haunted” effect
    pop out more :)

  5. I really like this park ! & this Haunted Village is so good! Maybe you
    could put some smoke or fog around the place maybe near the tavern over
    hang? Looking good keep up the Good Work & Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  6. Maybe add another small ride to merge areas or the archery range. If they
    had a smaller boat ride that would make alot of sense. A jousting Area
    would be pretty cool too.

  7. Loving this park and love your buildings but it’s missing the theme park
    elements, maybe a haunted forest with a roller coast going through it so
    you don’t really see the coaster except the odd loop and hill poking from
    the trees with dead trees wrapping around the supports maybe with fog and
    spooky scenery in places would fit really well in this park