The New Disney Store Opening Which Never Happened! Halloween Decorations, & Disney Merch


We’re Gary & Becca. Come and join us as we live our normal life in the uk. We are florida fanatics so we record Theme park guides. Planning & advice videos, theme park event guides & vlogs from the theme parks!
Our next trip is September this year!!! So stay Tuned for Vlogs every day from the parks. Also catch our daily vlogs, we film almost every day!

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  1. ASDA must be like a Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart here in the US. Your best way to
    move to America would be thru a work Visa. Hopefully a Florida based
    ThemePark could help you out with that. So if you are here for 5 years then
    you can do what’s called the Naturalization process. I don’t know to much
    about it but I hope that I helped out just a bit. Thanks for another Great
    Vlog. Keep on being Awesome!!!