The People’s Court August 22, 2016 Your House Is Haunted By A Ghost Re-Run




  1. selling a car that cheap would have me be suspicious of WHY?? I think that
    seller KNEW something was not quite OK with it.

  2. My family and l moved 8 times. Out of those times we had one major issue
    with one of our landlords. Unbeknownst to us, our landlord got caught at
    his job being a peodaphile. He lived right across the street from us too.
    I’ll just say, we weren’t too happy.

  3. Try my best to watch TPC on your channel since I’m still asleep at the time
    it shows on tv… thanks for uploading!

  4. Damn~both these grown women are acting like 5 year old’s. One is just as
    bad as the other. Both need to seek professional help. They are totally out
    there on a limb. That landlady looks like she’s been dead for a while.

  5. all those involved in the 1st case are pychos – what a bunch of immature
    baboons . . .no, I take that back, baboons are more mature . . .

  6. first case it will not cost $300 to re-paint an apartment over smoking
    inside unless the lease states there is no smoking aloud. this is the first
    case i’ve seen where someone claimed paranormal activity which is ludacris!

    second case i don’t know what the plaintiff is complaining about for one
    the car was used and for two it was inspected by a mechanic. there was no
    problems when test driven no judge would reward her money back because it
    develop problems down the road in time, however he does sound a little
    shady though.

    third case when you hire a plow company to remove snow if you damage
    someone’s property due to negligence you don’t get paid

  7. The People’s court has been on a lot longer than Judge Judy. But i prefer
    PC over JJ because PC has more reality behind it rather than JJ which is
    stupid hollywood entertainment. JJ is not even a ‘real’ judge, but an
    arbitrator. And not a good one at that, to.