The Playroom VR (PSVR) Part 1 – Haunted House


The Playroom VR PSVR. Im a ghostbuster!
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Welcome to another episode of werewolf gaming 😉 i hope you enjoy this video.
Make sure you leave a like, comment and share my videos if you enjoy them, helps me out alot.

This channel has been set up for fun, ive gamed for 18+ years on all platforms.
My favourite being the Playstation and Nintendo. So i have decided to bring my gaming
knowledge and enjoyment to youtube. I have several goals for my youtube channel.

I would like to build a pack of loyal followers that can play together and chat everyday inside and outside of my channel.
I want this to be a place that anyone can come too and fit in, a place where you can get
away from your everyday troubles and the stresses of everyday life.
I aim to be as unique as possible, many people copy big youtubers and have no identity, where as i do.
You come to my channel and even if you hate me you’ll always remember that werewolf
in the corner ;).

And as im asked this question a few times. My name is David and im 24 and i work
in a school, and depending how often i update this i could actually be 30 right now lol ;D

I usually upload 1-2 videos a day at around 6-7pm UK time

Thanks for reading all. The journey to 100,000 subscribers has begun, watch out youtube 😉

Some of my favourite Quotes

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack”

“Wolves may feature in our myths, our history, and our dreams, but they have their own future, their own loves, their own dreams to fulfill.”
-Anthony Miles?

“We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves”
-Gerald Hausman?

“The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care.”
-Hugh MacLeod

The Playroom VR (PSVR) Part 1 – Haunted House
The Playroom VR (PSVR) Part 1 – Haunted House
The Playroom VR (PSVR) Part 1 – Haunted House



  1. Your sisters hilarious lol. I’m not a fan of the vr at all. I feel like
    it’s like the Wii remote, Awesome new gaming accessory but than it just
    gets boring. Nothing will beat a nice classic controller you play with your
    thumbs :v

  2. WOW, I see the wolf with a chinny, chin, chin 😉 Hahahahaha This looks
    better than I anticipated and being able to see your face when you do jump
    scares is going to be a blast! Your sisters directing is going to drive you
    crazy sooner or later. Well done to her 😀 Brill start to this new

  3. Ooooh wow it looks awesome 😀 also hilarious with your sister shouting at
    you rofl, the tables have turned 😉 I really want to try VR now!

  4. That was hella weird. I’m tellin ya, seeing yt’s swolest gaming werewolf
    cosplaying as a human is like takin an acid trip!

    Who did the make-up? It was on point. I’m guessing Chunky Lappy? GJ Lappy!

    Pssst Lappy nows the time for your payback for the yelling in overcooked (;