The Property Brothers’ Greatest Renovation


The Property Brothers’ Greatest Renovation. Don’t you just love watching the HGTV show, Property Brothers?! They rebuild masterpieces despite ALL the odds! Well stay tuned for their GREATEST RENOVATION yet! …a HAUNTED HOUSE!

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Cast: James Perry, Jason Gray, Stacey Harkey, Mallory Everton, Adam Berg and Jeremy Warner
Director: Brandon Christensen
Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne
Writer: James Perry
Editor: Yurii Hydrick

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The Property Brothers’ Greatest Renovation – Studio C



  1. Hmm, ideas for more haunted renovations, huh?
    What about…. haunted mansion? Haunted playground?
    Or treehouse?
    Ooh, ooh, I know! Haunted pool!!

  2. You guys should make a video that is like when a house is 1 square foot and
    like 6 kids and 2 parents live in and like all the kids sleep out side and
    one of them gets eaten by like a wolf or lion