The World’s MOST TERRIFYING Haunted House Has 24,000 Person Wait List


The McKamey Manor, in San Diego, California, can only accommodate two visitors at a time and has 24,000 waiting to get in.



  1. Uh Mike, how can you not side with her but you side with the videogame girl
    who didn’t even have a body but was virtually groped? This one physically
    got hurt and didn’t have much control, but had the smarts to get the heck
    out of there as soon as she was able but the videogame girl who had total
    control didn’t have the smarts to log out.

  2. It’s not a haunted house or a torture house. It’s TRAUMA house. It’s a
    house for all f*cked up things ppl in this world can imagine to unleash on
    you minus the death part. Meaning it worse than death cause then you will
    realize how f*cked ppl are and how f8cked u r mentally, and have to live
    like that the rest of ur life. A navy seal is good at combat that does not
    mean he’s mentally prepared for all f8cked things around the world! The
    warning is taken to lightly by these visitors!

  3. I’m obsessed with haunted houses and always look forward to October since
    that’s when they all open! The craziest I’ve ever been to was one where
    they had us sign a waiver, but the worst that happened to us was that we
    were screamed and cursed at, shocked by an electric fence, and practically
    groped by a scarer who cornered me and my friend with what *looked* to be a

  4. Call me crazy but I don’t enjoy being scared. Lol so I don’t watch scary
    movies or do anything that will make me feel scared. People say I’m a baby
    and I’m like… yup, I am. I’m okay with that. :)