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  1. lol i would cry to for one of those yum yums…awwww i think the kids r
    really gonna be a big help to their new baby sister or brother awww cute
    babyyy!love the horses <3lol Talon not so sure lol u all make car rides
    fun!!! awww Tyler got a booboo suck it up buttercup!! lol just kidding just
    have Jessica kiss ur booboo to make it feel better!!xoxo from the storms

  2. Lol!! Talon is so verbal these day’s.. So cute!! Guess he did not like the
    color of that one horse. We have two awesome horse’s, They are like big
    dogs, True that though with what the guy said some will be a bit mouthy
    with human hands thinking that you have carrots or whatever and will bite.
    Good to feed out of buckets to prevent the horse’s from getting mouthy like
    that. Nice barn. The baby is a doll!! Congratz to the new Mom and Dad. :o)
    Get that girl Journey a pumpkin!! Can tell she likes Halloween but what kid

  3. I laughed every time Journey said, “It’s a ghost…” Lol. .. Her
    expressions were priceless. wonder what she would do in one of the
    Halloween stores. Beautiful horses. That was a cute baby too.´╗┐

  4. Bakery donuts are the best. good video today talon does not like horses
    lol. Went to the dentist today found out i need a root canal i heard they
    hurt hope not though. i remember watching a show with a talking horse in
    black and white lol Tommorrow is the night!!!big brother finale!!!you
    should go on younow LOL´╗┐

  5. I think the baby was scared of the horses but all in all I think they like
    them I think they like the Big Pumpkin on top of the roof so hard to
    believe it’s that time of year again well will talk to you later take care
    God bless´╗┐

  6. I have horses! Can’t believe you have never ridden!i have a horse that
    Talon would like she’s little like him. Her name is Kiwi.. My big horses
    name is Red. Great video.. Loved when Journey said Halloween sooo cute!´╗┐

  7. LOL! That horse’s *head* was bigger than Talon. I think he sees them as a
    second cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    Journey is just all bug eyed over all of those “Howeens.”´╗┐

  8. I’ve only yesterday hocus pocus looked , it’s funny that you mention it in
    the vlog Tyler ­čśÇ . the movie is just beautiful i love it´╗┐