Toddler Scared Of Halloween Decorations!


Our toddler Lucas does not appreciate the halloween decorations! We also have some toddler proofing we have to do to our house.

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  1. lol as sad as it is to see babies cry it’s kinda funny when they get
    scared.. the faces he was making were funny haha

  2. bahahahaha I do that to my kids all the time…we are such great parents. did nn it to us and we are fine. this was a good vlog!

  3. Lucas really didn’t like the scary decorations. lol. The build up for the
    gate looked good. Hey we played ARK that day!! W eshould tonight!!!!!!

  4. Love your nails!! Hey you went to two of my stores!! Home Depot and
    Halloween Spirit! Your little one doesn’t know how to take all the
    animatronics! But I am sure that prob tired him out! We go all out for
    Halloween every year – but with everything we have going on and the move we
    aren’t doing much this year! But check out our spooky playlist to see all
    our Halloween stuff! Glad you fixed the gate!!!

  5. Vince always reminds me of Ryder lol. I say where we going and he answers
    lol. cool decorations! lol at Lucas. i still need to get ry a costume and I
    guess put a few pumpkin out. poor kid ry didn’t like those either last
    year. maybe I’ll go to spirit this week. glad I can watch finally