Top 5 Things At Halloween 2016 In Disneyland Paris


The Halloween Season in Disneyland Paris is just a couple of weeks away and here is a rundown of the top 5 things going on, with a few more options thrown in for good measure. Halloween characters, shows, parades, decorations, soirees, pumpkins and more!

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  1. I used to love Disney films when I was a kid, but I’d kind of forgotten
    about them. For me, I love DLP for the atmosphere. And the actual films:
    Well, I’d kind of forgotten about the magic of them. Your videos are
    changing that. I’m getting excited about Disney movies and characters
    again, not just the park. Thank you.

  2. Jedi Robe! I thought you said ‘Jedi Row’, you know, like a Jedi Savile Row?
    That would have been a cooler name I think. Going to be buying a lot of
    stuff from their store in the future, I reckon: Thanks for the

  3. i thought that last year it was only maleficent who was in the courtyard
    and you could only see the villains at the show on the castle stage ?

  4. I love your bonus, that’s what I’m most excited about this year !! I’ve
    never seen the cavalcade either, but from Ellie’s vlog it looks beautiful

  5. Great video Steve. Got me very excited for Halloween at DLP! 🙂 Also in a
    part of this video you said Halloween was in August not October oops.
    Hopefully I’ll maybe get to say hi to you during then. Will be wearing my
    dedicated to badge.

  6. Paris does not have a Hocus Pocus show. I guess that is because there is a
    lack of awareness of Hocus Pocus in Europe. Do you know if Walt Disney
    Studios Park has any Halloween events. I’m sure Paris will have exclusive
    snacks and treats, all the American parks have them.