We Finally Made It To Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 | Knott’s Berry Farm Haunted Houses & Reviews


In today’s vlog we finally get to check out Knott’s Scary Farm at Knott’s Berry Farm 2016. We had an absolute blast with the guys from the Season Pass Podcast ( check them out here! )A huge thanks to them for letting us tag along all night! And a super huge thank you to Knott’s for providing us with our fright lane passes tonight! We were able to check out every house and some we did multiple times. Our favorites were Special Ops: infected, Paranormal Inc., Shadow Lands, Tooth Fairy & Voodoo: Order of the Serpent.

FULL House Walk Through Vids!
Infected: Special Ops

Paranormal, Inc.

Tooth Fairy

Voodoo: Order of the Serpent

Trick or Treat

Shadow Lands

Dead of Winter: Wendigo’s Revenge

Red Barn

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  1. I wish I could deal with scary, I’d love to go to all of these scare events
    but I’d probably die (at least then I could join in as a zombie or
    something though I guess?????)

  2. I don’t see the point in that zombie game when you’re back to back in line
    with other people trying to shoot them

  3. lol funny how some of the comments don’t realize Knots has been doing this
    for much longer. They started in 1973, and Universal only started in 1991.
    I do wonder if any other parks how done it longer though.

  4. It always bothers me when I’m essentially following a line through the
    haunted house. I feel like it kills the effect of everything. I love going
    through two at a time…but at places like that it’s probably hard since
    there’s so many people.

  5. FUN FACT: In the beginning of the paranormal house is a video with a guy in
    it; Tim and Jenn are friends with him and you can see him in one of the
    older Tracker WDW vlogs.

  6. That shooting game walkthrough one was intense. It was really exciting to
    watch. It feels like you guys were in a movie!

  7. That walkthrough started out in what I though was an insane asylum or a
    hospital or something, and then there were monsters that may or may not
    have been dinosaurs. I was very confused, but everything looked really well

  8. Hi there! thank you so much for uploading this! I’m going this Saturday and
    it’s my first time going to a haunted theme park event, so this gives me a
    good idea for what I’m in for 😀 I’m pretty sensitive to jump scares and
    can get pretty scared by pretty much anything (which begs the question why
    I’m going in the first place). Would you recommend a specific maze for me
    to start with and build up to some of the more intense ones or are they all
    pretty much the same?