WERE WE BEING WATCHED? HAUNTED Abandoned Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere


This place gave us the creeps. Even though you can easily tell nobody has been there in a long time, it felt as if we were being watched the entire time. When we reviewed the video for editing, we noticed what appeared to be two silhouettes watching us from a distance. I am not sure if they were people or just shadows, but you can see them at 12:47. We heard a lot of strange noises while we were there. Definitely creepy.

AREA 51: We are now in the planning phases for our AREA 51 trip. Looks like we will be out there in about a month. We plan on live streaming from the front and back gates at night. We also have a ton of places to go see right next to Area 51. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, Twitter, and Facebook to get the latest updates.

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Gear used in this video:

DashCam captured with the Rexing V1 (Thank you Rexing!):

Video filmed using this camera:

Photography with this camera:

Flashlight ThruNite TN4A (Thank you ThruNite):

On camera light:



Camera Stabilizer:

Respirator Gas Mask:



  1. I don’t see anyone in the background at 12:40 – 12:55 but then your cam
    doesn’t focus well on long distance…
    good video

  2. I don’t see the silhouettes. Could you give us an idea of where in the
    picture they are? (Upper left, lower right near whatever). Thanks.

  3. Wow man nice video like always do you want me to shout you out in my next
    video it probably won’t matter because your channels massive man :)

  4. Where in this video made u feel like u were being watched? And wtf do ppl
    go into the middle of nowhere in a desert for?? All of jr videos give me
    the heebie jeebies like all seem to have thehills have eyes vibe to them. I
    reallt locvs ur video, but they r defintely not for night watching!

  5. another great video!! thank you all your hard work!! one question, I’ve
    been looking at 12:47 till my eyes cross I can’t see what it is you guys
    are looking at a little help please?? anyway I really do enjoy your

  6. At 4:33 when I first looked I said that looks like two breaking bad meth
    mobile homes up on the hillside & said maybe that’s why the white truck was
    there, but as you moved on I was glad it wasn’t for your sake :-). Then I
    saw it was around the area 51 area & just thought it’s only a patrol truck
    – prolly having a napp, what else would they be doing there too unless you
    were tracked…check under your truck. Peace & Happiness & love the fact
    you wont tell location as vandals are just dirt. It would be good to bring
    a metal dector with you on these trips..you never know what you may
    find..my youtube friend found a huge gold nugget the size or a rock and
    before it was cleaned anyone whould have thought it was a big rock too.

  7. that was a good explore dude seems very quite out there and no birds or
    people etc the boats looked cool but no sea or river near by?

  8. I’m going to be 18 in about a month, and was thinking when I move back to
    Nevada if we can meet up and do a video together I have access to a haunted
    hospital I could possible get you access to. I’m not very professional I
    just started recording my adventures. You’re in Nevada right?

  9. Dude those duck decoys are worth money with the Duck call collectors
    association of america. Not kidding! And the car is worth something in
    parts in Hemmings,really! i would be getting a salvage permit from your
    county or property owner for those things.

  10. Seriously i was looking forward to watching this video but with all the
    camera movement it was literally making me sea sick. Stop with the moving
    of the camera!!