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I’ll show you how to create a wood bat Halloween decoration. It’s an easy DIY project!

Jenny’s video:
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You will need:
– 2′ x 2′ piece of 1/2″ plywood
– Black spray paint:
– Led party lights:
– Saw:
– Glass paint:

Full written directions:

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  1. You’re getting really talented with that saw! I was happy to see that you
    included the talon/finger on the wing! That had to be a challenge to cut
    out so most people would not bother. Makes a big difference in the final
    look though so it is worth it!

  2. I think I would’ve sawed my finger off hehe. Lovely job with the bat. I’m
    also in love with the light up eyes – and anything that lights up really!
    Love collaborating with you. xo

  3. Love that and love the idea of coloring those lights! I have actually been
    looking at getting some lights like it and I have a ton of the gallery
    glass paints because I love those too. 😀 I would make mine of polymer clay
    since I don’t have a saw like that. 😛 – Heidi

  4. That is freaking awesome – the red eyes was definitely a prefect touch!
    Thanks for sharing your time and craft ideas with us!

  5. oh my gosh…coloring the lights like thats genius. thats something i would
    do, i love it! I have those same lights too that I use to decorate my
    little polymer clay haunted house lololol

  6. when i was little there was a house on the road going to my family’s camp
    that had a bat at the top corner. Its been sold and the bat is gone and
    someone else lives there now, but for me it will alwasy be BATMAN’S HOUSE!