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Be the Perfect Pair with These Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween
Be the Perfect Pair with These Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween

Be the Perfect Pair with These Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween

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What is more fun than dressing up for Halloween? Well, it’s getting together with a friend, sibling, parent, co-worker, or significant other and dressing in paired costumes. While choosing a costume is always a fun process, adding another person in the mix makes things a little bit more creative. After all, the only limits to a costume are the ones you set for yourself. And remember, Halloween is not always about Jack Skellington costumes and pumpkins. Take a look at our list of fun plus size couple costumes to spark your imaginations. 

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Honey Bee and Beekeeper

Do you like honey and aren’t afraid to show it? Why not have the both of you dress up as a honey bee and a beekeeper to show your solidarity with bees? There are several types of bee costumes and if you aren’t comfortable with a short costume, there is a full body bee costume available.

As for the beekeeper costume, it has a label where the name tag is supposed to be that says ‘beekeeper’ for those wondering what you are supposed to be. It might be helpful to trace the letters in some sort of glow in the dark ink so people will be able to read it after the sun goes down. Otherwise, they would be wondering what the person walking around in a bland jumpsuit and a veil is dressed up as. Here’s a fun fact about honey bees, they pollinate over 50 different types of crops each year and pollinate 1/3 of the human diet.

Cookies and Milk

cookies and milk costume

Have you ever sat down with a small plate full of cookies, started to take a bite and then realize you had forgotten something? It was the glass of milk to dunk the cookies! For some people, it just isn’t right to have their favorite cookie treat without a tall glass of milk to dunk the cookies into.

As an adult who decided on wearing a cookie costume for Halloween, why not have the other person dress up as a carton of milk to complete the look? They might look like simple costumes, but there are people who use cut up bed sheets and curtains so they can dress up as ghosts. Why not make people crave milk and cookies while you’re out trick-or-treating?

Peanut Butter and Jelly

peanut butter and jelly costume

What other paired costume idea goes great together like peanut butter and jelly do? Actual peanut butter and jelly of course! While you definitely won’t have to worry about allergies to the peanut butter, those who see the two of you will definitely have some sort of reaction.

Whether it will make them laugh or make them happy, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich costume will no doubt leave a lasting impression. It would be a little awkward to walk around dressed up as a spoon, fork, or knife, so a sandwich would be something safer.

Mother Superior and the Priest

nun and priest costume

Sadly, that is not a name of a band, although it sounds as though it should be. Since we aren’t talking about potential band names, they would have to be potential Halloween costumes instead. Hopefully you won’t run into a group of actual nuns dressed as a Mother Superior as that would be somewhat awkward.

Although, if a group of nuns were walking out and about on Halloween, wouldn’t people be mistaking them for being in costume? Why not complete the look by having your partner in crime dress up as a priest? That way it will be less likely for people to mistake you for an actual Mother Superior and priest since both are unlikely to be walking around together on Halloween.


Speaking of partners in crime, why not go dressed up as prisoners? While Halloween prisoner outfits for women usually dip into the sexy prisoner type, there are prisoner costumes for women that cover up a little more for those who don’t want to show that much skin. Also because it is October 31st, trick-or-treating happens when the sun goes down and it is cold in most of the country!

The men’s prison jumpsuit is orange, rather than the traditional black and white striped uniform that most people think about. Doubtful that there would be actual escaped prisoners running around on Halloween night wearing prison jumpsuits, but you never know.


Who are better than superheroes to catch the prisoners? Well, when they aren’t too busy saving the world from aliens who want to take over the planet, or from an alien who wants to destroy half the universe, or even trying to prevent a god from destroying humanity that is.

While they are from two different universes, I still think that Wonder Woman and Captain America would get along nicely. They are both older than they appear, Wonder Woman is from before the first world war and Captain America fought in the second world war. Personally, I think they would be perfect for each other. Click here for more selections of superhero costumes.

Other Fun Options…

Are the costume ideas listed above not quite what you had in mind? Check out these below.

Bob Ross Artist And Painting Costume

Bob Ross Artist and Painting Costume

Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

King and Queen of Hearts Costume

King and Queen of Hearts Costume

Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Bacon and Egg Couple Costume

Bacon and Egg Couple Costumes

Pair of Sneakers Adult Costume

Pair of Sneakers Adult Costume

Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Mr and Mrs Potato Head Costume

Cheese & Cracker Couple Costume

Cheese & Cracker Couple Costume

Images from Amazon.com, HalloweenCostumes.com, TrendyHalloween.com

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